What people are saying about this book

“Today, women are on the frontlines of our nation’s wars all over the globe. Yet little has been written about them or the struggles they endure – both off and on the battlefield. Until now. Eileen Rivers’ account of three women who served in Afghanistan is both a gripping narrative and a sharp analysis of a historic cultural shift in our nation’s military. We owe it to the men and women who serve in our armed forces to understand this pressing issue. This book is a great place to start.”

Jim Michaels; author of A Chance in Hell: The Men Who Triumphed Over Iraq’s Deadliest City and Turned the Tide of War

“A compelling story, too long untold. Eileen Rivers reveals the power of women — of women in the U.S. military in Afghanistan, playing a crucial role in intelligence gathering that was impossible for their male counterparts. And the power of the Afghan women with whom they forged a bond. For the Afghan women, the war isn’t over, of course. And the American women faced battles of their own when they got home. If you start reading Eileen Rivers’ book, you won’t be able to stop. Some of it will make you angry. Much of it will make you proud.”

Susan Page; Washington Bureau chief; USA TODAY

“A riveting story about three remarkable women soldiers and the incredible impact their service as a Female Engagement Team ( FET) had on the war efforts in Afghanistan.  They were able to win the trust of Afghan women and children restoring faith in the future and improving quality of life …. all this while still doing the heavy lifting required of a United States soldier in combat.”

General Ann Dunwoody (US Army, Ret.); author of A Higher Standard